About Us

We are Les Ward and Julie Perkins, and together we are Britman Brewery: a small, independent microbrewery dedicated to making beer in a traditional, non-mechanised way.

Why Britman? Our top quality British-made beers use the best ingredients and where possible, follow the Reinheitsgebot German Beer Purity Law. As such, Britman Brewery produces all its beer styles using only malted barley grain, hops, yeast and water, and believes that the time-honoured way is the only way.

We use an efficient and effective craft brewing process that produces a range of premium quality beers, including golden ale, bitter and a porter. Using only UK-sourced barley grain and yeast, and carefully-selected hops to create our specific style, we are passionate about what we do and that shows in our beer.

We are proud to stock our beer in a selection of local pubs and shops, as well as taking part in local food and drink festivities: we were involved in Burleydam Garden Centre’s tasting event in 2014 which was a fun-filled evening and big success. Our customer base keeps growing, so who knows, the Germans one day might be loyal customers too!

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